XTERRA Red River  April 25, 2009

Red River Shootout MTB Race April 26, 2009

The Red River Shootout is a cross-country mountain bike race consisting of approximately 8 miles of fast rolling single track with some technical rocky sections thrown in the mix.

Competitors will not only be competing against each other in their category, or just competing for their team, but for their State. The State with the fastest racers will be crowned the Red River Shootout Champion. Pre-riding is recommended. The course will be marked two weeks prior to fitensity spin bike event.

The Red River Shootout is held at the beautiful Lake Murray State Park, in Ardmore, Oklahoma. Located halfway between Oklahoma City and Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, this location provides a unique opportunity for participants from both states to attend a race and compete against racers they normally wouldn’t see.

This event is organized by the Southern Oklahoma Mountain Bike Association.

Note: The original website for the Red River Shootout ( has disappeared; the link leads to an archive copy.

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